Time Line
1772 - The Watauga Association wrote one of the first constitutions in the U.S.
1784 - Three counties in East Tennessee formed the independent State of Franklin.
1789 - The State of Franklin became a new territory instead of a state.
1796 - Tennessee became the 16th state on June 1st. (including the Franklin territory)
1818 - The Chickasaw Indians sold their land east of the Mississippi River to the U.S. government.
1828 - Tennessee's -Andrew Johnson became President.
1838 - The Cherokee Indians were forced out of Tennessee.
1844 - Tennessee's James K. Polk became President.
1861 - Tennessee became the last state to secede from the Union on June 8th.
1862 - The Battle of Shiloh.
1865 - Tennessee's Andrew Jackson became President after the assassinatin of President Lincoln.
1866 - Tennessee became the first state to be readmitted to the Union, on July 24th.

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Volunteer State

State Bird - Mockingbird

State Flower - Iris

State Tree - Tulip poplar

State Capitol - Nashville

State Motto - Agriculture and Commerce

State Songs - "Rocky Top" & "The Tennessee Waltz"

Statehood - 16th state in the Union - June 1, 1796

Nickname - The Volunteer State

Chief products - Agriculture: beef cattle, milk, soy-bean, hogs, tobacco, hay. Manufacturing: chemicals, food products, transportation equipment, machinery, electrical equipment, fabricated metal products, rubber products. Mining: coal, crushed stone, zinc.

Population - 4,896,641 (1990 census)

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